Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Session Spotlight: Process Evaluation for Small to Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical Companies

Gross-to-Net calculations are not just for big pharma. While the larger organizations have a variety of people across several functions involved in the process, smaller companies make do with far fewer resources. In this session, leaders in smaller pharmaceutical companies address unique challenges inherent to companies their size and much more. 

Session: Process Evaluation for Small to Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical Companies

Paul Troiano, Senior Director, Commercial Finance, OPTIMER PHARMACEUTICALS
 Alberto Bonilla, Director, Commercial Finance, WARNER CHILCOTT

It’s not a new story that smaller pharmaceutical companies often have a more difficult time than their larger counterparts. One person might have the same function as four different people at a larger company. This session discusses some of the additional challenges such as who should be involved in estimating GTN and to what capacity, and how professionals devise estimates when the company lacks a large number of products to draw analogies from and how do they estimate returns.

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