Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Medicare cuts delayed once again

Yesterday, it was announced that Congress would put off voting for Medicare cuts one more month, visiting the issue again on January 1. The cut of 23% was to be voted tomorrow. This has been happening for the past year, and the next vote, the cuts will be raised to 25%. The delays, which have been happening for a year, were suppose to allow Congress to develop a new overhaul to re-invigorate the Medicare system.

At the end of the article, featured in the Kansas City Business Journal, there are two possible solutions featured:
1) In 2018, seniors would begin paying an additional premium.
2) In 2021, seniors would receive a voucher to pay for their private health care. In addition, the coverage age would be change to 67 in 2032.

The Medicare Congress, taking place January 24-26, 2010, in Phoenix, Arizona looks at many of the issues facing Medicare today, including a the keynote presentation "The Future of Private medicare: Assessing the Impact of Reform," from Susan Dentzer, Editor-in-Chief, of Health Affairs and a moderated Q&A session moderated by Murray N. Ross, PhD, Vice President, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. To find out more about The Medicare Congress, visit the webpage and download the brochure.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Government Programs 2011: Brochure now available for download

The Government Programs 2011 Brochure is now available for download!

Highlights of Government Program's Summit in 2011:
-Learn how to handle operational expansions and enforcement provisions of the 340B Program
-Convene with over 15 CMS, OPA, OIG, DOD, and VA representatives with over 150 drug manufacturers to comply with new pricing, reporting and operational requirements
-Correctly implement new systems and processes for Medicare Part D Rebates, Medicaid Managed Care utilization data and the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP)
-Understand how all Government Drug Programs interrelate to ensure company compliance with changing regulations
-Ensure your Drug Rebate Program processes and compliance plans are comprehensive for the new reporting and disclosure requirements affecting all manufacturers
-Understand the implications of Healthcare Reform on your State Supplemental Contracts, discounts, and commercial contracts for more accurate financial accruals

Download the brochure here:

Visit the Government Programs webpage:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Preventing business if drug companies executives are convited of fraud

A recent article in the Washington Post states that federal investigators want to prevent drug companies with executives who have been involved in fraud from doing business with the US Government. The new guidelines were posted on October 20 on the office's webpage. This will help keep individuals accountable for their actions.

A few of the new sanctions include:
-Company executives might also be sanctioned if their employers are convicted of misconduct or they may be blocked from doing business with federal agencies.
-Misdemeanor convictions

What do you think about these new sanctions? Will it allow the government to keep their employees more honest?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Medicare Congress Podcast: John Gorman of Gorman Health Group on Medicare Reform

With health care reform, health plans are experiencing turbulent times with fierce competition and the hardest challenges ever faced. During this critical time, planning is everything. Will your health plan be able to survive the storm?

Listen to the 8th Annual Medicare Congress pre-event podcast with keynote speaker John Gorman, CEO, GORMAN HEALTH GROUP, discusses important managed care insights including:
• Mastering your risk adjustment
• Surviving the regulations blizzard
• Rethinking your compliance with performance management
• Creating a “Star Czar” Star-rating management for achieving performance-based bonuses
• Holding on to current members and retain new ones in shorter enrollment periods
• Managing chronic illness effectively
• Identifying opportunities to Medicare Part D
• Building an intervention model to improve your medical management

Download the podcast here:

Visit the webpage to download the agenda and find out more about the 2011 Medicare Congress Agenda to learn more about Gorman's keynote address “How do Health Plans do more with Less?:

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Medicare Advocate helps seniors navigate Medicare enrollment

Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., has created a program to help seniors and retirees navigate Medicare enrollment. According to Trading Markets, through a network of call center representatives, a web portal and written materials, they help seniors decide which is the best coverage for their situations.

Jeff Clay, chief operating officer of My Medicare AdvocateTM at ACS, stated, "With more than 2,200 managed care plans and 1,800 prescription drug plans available to retirees, it's no surprise they are overwhelmed. This solution takes the pressure off employers while making it simpler for retirees to chart the Medicare decision process."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Louisiana sues drug companies for fraud

Louisiana believes it paid prices that were up to 6,000% higher than whole sale prices on drugs for their Medicaid program. Between 1991 and 2000, they paid 18 drug makers approximately $850 million. Twenty-seven other states have filed similar charges against the drug companies. Read the full article at Pharmalot.

Monday, November 1, 2010

AMA on the current elections

Kaiser Health Foundation has published a video with Andrew Villegas and Mary Agnes Carey check in with Cecil B. Wilson, president of the American Medical Association that looks at how the upcoming midterm elections will affect Medicare and other government run healthcare programs.