Monday, May 13, 2013

Highlights from the MMCC Podcast featuring Cindy Pigg

Last week, we posted our exclusive podcast on Medicaid expansion and health insurance exchanges with Cindy Pigg, Senior Vice President of Pharmacy at Magellan Medicaid Administration.

Highlights from the podcast include:

Q: How does the Medicaid population change in light of healthcare reform?
Cindy: Oh wow. Exciting times here. People ask: “Why in the world did you come into the Medicaid space?" and I say, “Because that is where the action is going to be in the foreseeable future.”

Q: More specifically, how will exchanges impact Medicaid? 
Cindy: With these exchanges, this continual coverage will give us the ability to really focus on long-term health outcomes.

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Cindy Pigg is a speaker at the 21st Annual Medicaid Managed Care Congress, taking place on May 20 – 22 in Baltimore.

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