Friday, May 3, 2013

New Healthcare Delivery Systems & Programs To Reduce Costs in Cancer Care

KEYNOTE: Adopting a New Cancer Care Payment Model — United Healthcare’s “Bundled” Payment Pilot Program to Deal with Cancer Drug Costs and Reward Physicians for Health Outcomes: In 2010, UnitedHealthcare launched its own episode payment pilot program with five medical oncology groups around the country focused on determining best treatment practices and improving outcomes. Hear from Lee Newcomer, SVP, Oncology, Genetics and Women’s Health, UnitedHealthcare the rolling results of the program, lessons learned as well as feedback from physicians.

Models of Collaboration between Payers and Providers: The Implementation of Cancer Clinical Care Pathways: Panelists from National Comprehensive Cancer Network/NCCN, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions and Aetna will evaluate the potential role of pathways in cancer care, and examine whether the implementation of clinical care pathways in cancer have proven to truly reduce resource utilization and improve the quality of healthcare.

PILOT PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: CMS-Sponsored Pioneer ACO: In Michigan, Priority Health signed medical home contracts with several leading oncology practices who are required to comply with standardized treatment regimens of their own choosing. At the end of the year, oncology practices that have reduced Priority Health’s hospital and ED costs will receive “shared savings,” meaning that the insurer will share part of the savings with the practice. Hear from Barbara Walters, MD, Executive Medical Director, Dartmouth – Hitchcock on the results from the shared-savings between payer and provider and how Priority Health changed the way care and services are delivered.

Delivery and Payment Reform in New Value Based ACO Models: Get an industry update from Centura Health and Dartmouth – Hitchcock on the ongoing change in the ACO contracting arena, and discusses the ACO journey for new payment and delivery models that will focus on value. Assess how this will impact the future of cancer care.

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