Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oncology Management Podcast Series with Bill McGivney

Joining us today is Bill McGivney, Principal, McGivney Global Advisory LLC & former CEO, National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Below you will find a teaser from Bill's podcast session, click here to listen to the complete podcast and to download the transcript.

How and to what extent do various stakeholders bring value to the treatment of patients with cancer?

Bill: Well, I think that’s something that we really need to look at closer because there are a lot of discussions, obviously, about the level of healthcare expenditures and the increase and rate of rise and expenditures of care to treat patients with cancer.

First of all, you look at providers and clearly their expertise, their acumen and their understanding is really about providing what the optimal treatment recommendations are for patients. Carrying out that treatment plan brings a lot of value to the system.

And then you look at the manufacturers, the biopharma companies, the medical device companies and they bring innovative products to the market that address the many, many needs and unmet needs that still exist for the many different types of cancer specifically. And that’s critical. They bring value to patients directly.

Then, you start to get down into other areas of the healthcare system that are more management operations oriented and you look at managed-care companies. They bring value in the sense that they help to organize the system. They pay the claims and the develop networks of clinicians to work with patients specifically.

But, really, what I think we need to do is, as we expend resources to bring care ultimately to patients with cancer, we really need to take a closer look at, again, which components, which stakeholders bring actual value to the treatment of patients.

Download the rest of the Podcast here.

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