Monday, May 19, 2014

HDI Podcast Series with Bob Gladden of CareSource

Healthcare Data Insights Podcast Series
 Below is a teaser from our podcast series with Bob Gladden, VP for Decision Support & Informatics, CareSource

How do you make data-driven decisions across the organization?
Bob: It’s been an interesting journey that we’ve been on. I think we’ve been on this like a number of other companies. I’ve heard some references to how companies are dealing with this today in terms of how decisions are made. Are they made based on individuals having data and pouring through that and coming up with a solid answer? Or is it based on what they call in the industry “HIPPOs”, which simply translates into ‘highest paid person’s opinion’. Now, we have to be careful about calling people HIPPOs. That doesn’t tend to go over well. But, we are working towards certainly the value that those highest-paid individuals have – a lot of energy and a lot of experience that they bring to the table. But, we are trying to shift a little bit so that data becomes more involved and more a part of the decision processes and use the folks that typically in the past were the highest paid person in the room just making the decision.

We’ve now focused that a little differently and we are now using them to help us identify where we need to look and put some energy into changing things. We are actually right now in the process of redesigning our entire care management process in the organization. Within that, we are actually using a very data-driven approach to even design the program, which is certainly a step forward from where we’ve been in the past. It is allowing us to step away from some of the more traditional ways that you might design a care management program.

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