Monday, May 12, 2014

Download Archived Webinar – Revenue Leakage: Industry Definition, Insight and Best Practices to Mitigate Risk

The term ‘Revenue Leakage’ is used widely in the pharmaceutical industry and is creating management buzz!  In Gross-to-Net the term most commonly references lost net sales as a result of unintentional internal or external data, process and system issues. 

This webinar is to further explore the term Revenue Leakage and what it means to branded pharma, start-ups, generics, and biotechs.  In Gross-to-Net, Revenue Leakage can arise in any customer segment (Government and Commercial) and any customer channel (Medicaid, VA, 340B, Managed Care, Specialty, Part D, etc.). 

The key to mitigating Revenue Leakage is to recognize, assess and continuously improve.  The industry has made large investments in adjudication systems and performed numerous audits to temper the hemorrhaging.  There is no substitute to a strong cross-functional process with continuous analytics to ultimately control the risk.

Jennifer Sharpe from daVIZta, a Revenue Analytics firm, will moderate the Revenue Leakage discussion.  Jennifer is joined by her fellow co-chairs for the upcoming IIR GTN conference in June:  Larry Breen from Sunovion, Roxana Santiago from Hospira and Courtney Callihan from GSK.

The webinar addresses and provides insight on the following components of Revenue Leakage:
  • Collective Industry Definition
  • Customer Segment and Channel impacts
  • Financial Statement impacts (accruals, cash flow, forecasting)
  • The industry risk between adjudication and audit – the need for continuous improvement.
  • Industry best practices and next steps for mitigating risk and continuous improvement.

Download the webinar here. 

To hear more from Jennifer, Larry, Courtney, and Roxana, make sure you join them at the Gross-to-Net Accounting Forum, June 17-18 in Philadelphia, PA. Save $100 off the current rate when registering with the code: XP1911BLOG

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