Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama to Cut Medicare Advantage

According to this post on CQPolitics.com, Obama has claimed in a recent interview on ABC’s “This Week” that Medicare Advantage is an example of an initiative that does not work, and so eliminating it altogether would free up $200 billion that can be used on expanding health care.

Obama later mentions,

“We are spending a lot of money subsidizing the insurance companies around something called Medicare Advantage, a program that gives them subsidies to accept Medicare recipients, but doesn’t necessarily make people on Medicare healthier.”

Do you think getting rid of Medicare Advantage will help solve our national health care dilemma?

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BikerBob said...

Recent legislation has impacted medicare and medicaid programs in a manner which has puts a strain on both patients and providers. Furthermore, in an environment in which President Obama claims to be providing stimulus to business and individuals additional cuts to these programs will most certainly have a negative impact on the businesses which provide care to these patients. Simply put, additional cuts will certainly result in a workforce reduction for care providers and put the health of our nation's seniors at risk.