Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Healthcare Cuts Before Obama

At a time when the economy is sinking, jobs are diminishing and the poor are being locked out of health care that they so desperately need--many struggling states are cutting health care. With rising costs and corrupt state governments, these states are in a financial firestorm that has left the neediest individuals and families without the health care that they so desperately need. Look at this list from

Illinois' senior citizens are facing the traumatic prospect of being moved from nursing homes teetering on the edge of bankruptcy as the homes wait for months to be paid by the floundering state government.

South Carolina has cut treatment for low-income women under 40 with breast or cervical cancer and stopped providing nutritional supplements for people with kidney failure.

In southern Nevada, cancer patients without health coverage no longer have a place to get chemotherapy after the state's largest public hospital stopped providing outpatient oncology services.

Will the Obama administration be able to save these state's health care systems with new initiatives? How can this situation be remedied?

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