Thursday, August 14, 2014

Evolving Roles of Specialty Pharmacies | Is the Model Sustainable?

Welcome to the Specialty Pharmacy Collaboration Summit Podcast Series. Speaking with us today is Nick Calla, VP of Industry Relations, Community Specialty Pharmacy Network (CSPN)

What are the evolving roles of community-based specialty pharmacies?

Nick: Well, we look at the community-based specialty pharmacies. Really our goal within our network is really to have these pharmacies really stand side-by-side with the larger central fill specialty pharmacy. There really is no intention to quote/unquote “overtake” the larger central fill pharmacy, but really more to truly have a voice and a space and to treat those difficult-to-treat patients that need that personal touch, that face-to-face counseling in order to be successful on therapy.

So, as I mentioned in my previous comments, what we are really looking to do is to expand the role of these pharmacies and really to use them as an adjunct to the patient that is not going to be successful in a less touch model and needs the higher touch that these pharmacies can provide in order to be successful as a therapy.

Again, as I mentioned before, as this specialty pharmacy environment expands and more and more products flood the market, I think that there is going to be plenty of room for all of these different stakeholder pharmacies to be successful.

Is the specialty pharmacy model sustainable?

Nick: Yes, I absolutely think the specialty pharmacy model is sustainable. As I mentioned before, I think you need to expand. I think more pharmacies need to quote/unquote “get accredited” to become part of professional organizations such as NASP in order to be truly successful in this space. But, in this world of accountable-tier organizations and again the really huge pipeline in what are considered specialty products, which are really more niche in nature and more along the longs of personalized medicine. A higher-touch model, if you will. 

I definitely think that the model is sustainable. I think it will grow and expand over time.

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