Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Leading through the M&A Process

In the past 18 months, more than $18 billion in M&A activity has occurred in the healthcare space and the trend will continue as healthcare companies take advantage of opportunities created by the ACA. It’s easy to assume that going through a merger or acquisition is difficult and leads to a sense of uncertainty, but what’s it like to live through it?

At the 10th Annual Medicare Congress, Robert Fahlman, former Chairman & CEO of Arcadian Health Plan will share his insight on his experience going through Humana's acquisition of Arcadian. Fahlman will provide an overview of the full process, starting with gaining approval from the federal government to integrating IT systems, marketing efforts and more. He will also share what he wishes he would have known when starting the process in August 2011.

 “The M&A process throws things your way that you may not even count on that can delay, significantly modify or cancel a transaction such as some of the key components regarding the antitrust principles that can come into play with the US Department of Justice as part of any health insurance merger. I am especially looking forward to sharing this information with people.” – Robert Fahlman, former Chairman & CEO, Arcadian Health Plan

To find out more about the sessions offered, download the agenda.

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