Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to Address Commercial Ops, Commercial Contracting and Government Pricing

At MDRP 2013, Mark Linver, Director, Huron Life Sciences discusses addressing government and commercial pricing operations during mergers and divestitures. Below are two highlighted sessions from MDRP 2014 that will look into Commercial Ops, Commercial Contracting and Government Pricing.

Session Highlight:
Spillover Effects Between Government Pricing, Commercial Business & Contracting Strategies

• Discuss healthcare reforms impact on contracting & emerging contracting practices
• Evaluate the impact of government pricing changes on commercial accounts
• Reevaluate and restructure rebate and discount agreements

David Chan, Practice Leader, Compliance & Audit, Managed Markets Services, IMS Health

Session Highlight:
Improving Effectiveness of Revenue Analytics by Using GP Forecasting

The continual growth of the government channel has increased the importance of understanding the cross-channel impact of the commercial pricing and contracting decisions that drive liabilities. Along with increasing pressure to understand, forecast and accurately accrue for revenue line items as part of the GTN process, an expanding government channel means contracting and pricing functions have a greater need for pricing and forecasting outputs from the GP department. The “modern” GP team is tasked with providing “what if” analyses and forecasts for a wide variety of company specific and industry wide events, and is looked upon as a critical resource when pricing and contracting decisions are being made. Today’s GP team must be adept at developing quick yet sophisticated models to assess how any given event may affect Revenue lines that are driven by a Government payer.

This session will take a look at how to effectively incorporate commercial strategies and market events into the forecast of GP price points. We will explore how to:

• Manage and align data for analytical needs
• Consider price increases and commercial contracting strategies
• Incorporate channel shifts into forecasts
• Evaluate regulatory and market events in scenario modeling
• Identify what you know and what you don’t know, and how both should be considered and modeled

Jeffrey Baab, Senior Director, Life Sciences, daVIZta

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