Monday, July 21, 2014

Best Collaborative Practices for Resolving or Avoiding Medicaid Disputes

MDRP 2014 Session Spotlight: 

Best Collaborative Practices for Resolving or Avoiding Medicaid Disputes


The complexities involved in identifying and resolving Medicaid disputes have only grown since the ACA with the additional claims from Managed Medicaid Organizations. In this session we will discuss some common best practices related to working collaboratively with your state contacts to either avoid disputes or resolve them quickly.

• Communications and documentation required to avoid putting units into dispute
• Key information needed by the states/manufacturers to research and resolve a disputed claim
• How best to avoid recurring unit of measure issues
• The value of informative state invoice cover letters for states and manufacturers
• An update on the work group’s efforts to standardize electronic reporting across the MDRP

Lisa Norton, Associated Consultant, Managed Healthcare Services, Lilly USA, LLC
Kelly Geissler, Sr. Analyst, Government Rebate Operations, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc.
Daksha Bogdon, Govt Pricing and Contracting, Genentech
Cindy Laclair, Drug Rebate Specialist (HP), Kansas
John Grotton, Sr. Director, Medicaid PBA Operations, Goold Health Systems

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