Monday, August 12, 2013

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina create offices to educate residents for the ACA

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina opened the state's first office to help educate and eventually, enroll consumers who will be shopping for new insurance policies this October. Under the Affordable Care Act, all residents are required to have coverage, for some this will be the first time so the state is hoping that these offices will provide some guidance in choosing the right healthcare.

The North Carolina company also hauls an air-conditioned showroom trailer to fairs and farmers markets to reach out to the estimated 600,000 people who will be newly shopping for individual policies – some of them subsidized by the government for consumers who might have trouble affording a policy. Many of the individual policies will be sold on a statewide Internet marketplace designed to make buying coverage comparable to finding a hotel room or rental car.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association launched an informational campaign last month with Walgreens to help provide people in other states with the material they need to help them make a decision. Many other health plans are setting up in malls, grocery stores, and pharmacies across the U.S. to help educate people. What do you think is the best way to connect?

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