Monday, July 15, 2013

Leverage Government, Commercial and Finance Synergies at IIR’s MDRP Summit

In the last few years, interconnectedness between government programs, commercial contracting and finance departments has become more evident, and more important. Transparency is integral to the company’s bottom line, and government pricing and contracting executives play a key role that financial executives are taking notice of.

IIR’s 18th Annual Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Summit historically has brought all these forces together in one place so that you can benefit learning from each other—tips, tricks, workarounds, solutions, and how-to’s. Because it’s hard stuff and you want to do it right and work across all the three functions as effectively and efficiently as possible. This year, the track Financial Implications to Government Pricing Programs will provide expert insights into the overarching financial implications to what you do each day.

Session highlights include:

• Gross-to-Net and Government Pricing Capturing the various data points to truly understand the net revenue of government purchases is a complicated process. This session discusses how government pricing programs such as MDRP and 340B affects GTN.

• Maintain Accurate Accruals and Forecasting With Government Pricing professionals having a key role in evaluating both external and internal events which may impact government program revenue deductions, this session explores a variety of challenges including the pitfalls of inaccurate forecasts and accruals and preparing for Medicaid Expansion from an accruals expansion.

• Clarify the Branded Drug Fee Calculation This annual fee based on product sales is a struggle for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Working with the IRS is often difficult and confusing. This session gets into the nitty-gritty of the program and how to navigate the murky waters.

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