Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do You Know the Future of Medicare?

Of course, none of us know the future of Medicare, although we know that the program will have to change vastly in order to survive past 2024, when Medicare's hospital fund would begin to run out of money. In the past, conversations have focused on raising the Medicare eligibility age two years, but there must be other ways for Medicare to adapt and provide higher quality care without increasing expenses. At the 10th annual Medicare Health Congress we will examine innovative ways to decrease expenditures through cutting-edge care delivery models including ACOs and PCMHs, value based contracting and risk sharing.

At the Medicare Congress, an ACO, a physician-owned healthcare organization and health plan executives come together to discuss how they see the industry moving forward in a time when innovation is not only expected, but necessary.

The Future of Healthcare and Innovative Care Delivery Models:

Randall Krakauer, MD, National Medical Director, Medicare, Aetna

Scott H. Sarran MD, MM, Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
Debra K. Gribble, Executive Vice President, Essence Healthcare
Palmer Evans, MD, Senior Advisor, Administration, Tucson Medical Center
Joe Johnson, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Arizona Integrated Physicians

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As a reader of The Medicare Congress blog, you can use priority code XP1807BLOG to receive 15% off of the standard rate to register.  Looking forward to seeing you February 11-13 in Phoenix, AZ! If you have any questions about the agenda or event, feel free to email Kate Devery at kdevery@iirusa.com or visit the homepage.

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