Monday, January 21, 2013

Better coordination could help save billions, Unitedhealth Center reports

Unitedhealth Center's recent report states that around $190 billion dollars could be saved by 2022, if the coordination of care for Medicaid and Medicare individuals improves. The majority of the states dual eligibles are spent on long-term care services, so by decreasing this number, the state will save immensely. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will implement a type of managed care plan that will blend payments of both Medicaid and Medicare.

UCH estimates the current CMS model will cover roughly one-fifth of all dual eligible beneficiaries. The report proposes states can more aggressively institute managed care models to better manage Medicaid funds for dual eligibles.

What are the best ways to improve the managed care model?

What are the overall strengths and weaknesses of the managed care model, including the opportunity to reduce readmission rates? At this year's D.U.A.L.'s Forum, Anthony Evans, RN, CP VP of Integrated Health, CareSource, leads our session: Managed Care Model for Dual Eligibles. To learn more, download our brochure.

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