Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's the future for Medicare?

In a recent article at Chico News, they examine what has kept the Medicare System running to this point - and what will have to happen for it to run successfully into the future.  The two main problems Larry Mitchell offers are that there is a lack of proper reimbursement from Medicare to the doctors themselves, as well as fewer and fewer doctors due to many of the doctors retiring themselves.  Many doctors have had the time to foster relationships with their patients and collaborate and communicate on what the patients are feeling.  However, with the current process - doctors being paid on the amount of patients they see and treat - this is one of the things that is failing in the system.

At The 2012 Medicare Congress, Charles Mackay, CPHQ, Health Insurance Specialist, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be on hand to examine many of these problems in his presentation "Health Rebooted: How Taking Technology All the Way will Solve Both the Cost and Quality Problems".  For more information on his presentation and the rest of the event, download the brochure here.  Don't forget, as a valued reader of this blog, when you register and mention code XP1707BLOG, receive 25% off the standard rate!

Do you agree with the statements in the Chico News? How can Medicare step in and fix the issues they face?  What is the best solution to have doctors spend quality time with their patients yet also treat more of them at the same time?

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