Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lou Saccoccio’s Exclusive Podcast on Monitoring and Responding to Prescription Drug Abuse

Did you know CMS can now track your healthplan’s performance on even more criteria than ever before? Which means proactive compliance is the most important aspect for survival in our world of CMS sanctions. Your compliance officer must be kept fully equipped and up-to-date, and your entire team must be ready to ensure your compliance strategies are fool-proof.

But what happens when your compliance strategies fail?
If your company was sanctioned, how would it survive? Do you have the right contingency and messaging plans in place? Ensure your compliance defense is tough as steel by attending the 9th Annual Medicare Congress. Hear from keynote speaker Robert Fahlman, CEO of Arcadian Healthplan, as he recounts how they successfully emerged from an 8-month sanction period – all while continuing to negotiate major business transactions! For more about Fahlman’s presentation and the rest of the program, visit the webpage to download the brochure.

For a sneak peek at this year's content, I invite you to download our exclusive interview with Lou Saccoccio, executive director of the National Healthcare Anti-Fraud Association, which delves into the ways that healthplans must prepare for monitoring and responding to evidence of prescription drug abuse.

Download the podcast here.

Don’t forget, as a reader of this blog you can use priority code XP1707BLOG to receive 25% off of the standard rate! If you have any questions about the agenda or event, please contact Jennifer Pereira at  The Medicare Congress is taking place February 6-8, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

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