Monday, January 16, 2012

How Important is Clarification On Current Government Guidance's To Your Organization?

Post Healthcare Reform, not only are Government Programs in a seemingly constant state of flux, but many of the most complicated programs are in a regulatory vacuum period – we know something is coming down the pipe, but have no idea when and how it will affect us.

So what can we do to help? At the Government Programs Summit, we bring together both the key government officials who can offer the most clarity about what to do NOW to prepare for what may come LATER and leading pharmaceutical and generic manufacturer executives who will leave you with practical information on how they are coping with the uncertainty.

In two short days you will:
  • - Have unparalleled access to CMS authorities from the Policy, Technical, and Operations Departments, in the session, “CMS AMP Guidance Answers and Next Steps for Medicaid Drug Rebate Program,” as well as the opportunity for one on one, personalized attention in the CMS meeting room.
  • - Get an update on 340B guidance directly from HRSA officers, including definitions of “Eligible Patient” under the PHS program in the session, “340B PHS Guidance, Definitions and Oversight Update.”
  • - Learn to accrue for the potential 4 million new beneficiaries to Medicare Part D who may fall in to the Donut Hole in 2012 in the session, “Medicare Part D for the Donut Hole: Guidance Updates, Invoicing, Disputes and Appeals Processes.”

Staying up to date on current proposed rules, interpretations, and implementations of government programs is of paramount importance to branded and generic manufactures.

Government Programs and Pricing Compliance Summit will take place March 7-9, 2012, in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information on the program, download the brochure here.

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