Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obama Administration makes Major Changes to Key Health Care Players

As reported by Kaiser Health News last week, the Obama administration is looking to re-align many of it’s key players from the newly created Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight Department. With the Republicans looking to overtake much of the Healthcare Reform Democrats have been working for, KHN believes that the department has been reorganized and added to the Medicare Agency in order to protect it. Michael Hash, former part of this department, will now be in charge of the Office of Health Reform in the Department of Health and Human Services. Jeff Angoff will now be the Senior Advisor to Katherine Sebilius, Health and Human Services Secretary.

Pharma government programs professionals are trying to implement healthcare reform, the players and processes keep changing and IIR's Government Programs & Pricing Compliance Summit, taking place March 7-9, 2011, in Baltimore, Maryland; and Medicaid Drug Rebate Summit taking place September 14-16, 2011, in Chicago, Illinois; are a great way for those in the industry to keep up to date with all the changes taking place. At both events this year, CMS-Medicaid and Medicare Officials will discuss policy and operations of healthcare reform implementation.

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