Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Colorado begins implementing healthcare reform

According to the LA Times, Colorado is beginning to take action to implement the new healthcare reform. They have created and appointed Lorez Meinhold as the director of national reform implementation for Colorado, as well as created a new task force to oversee the implementation. Colorado's governor has also set created three new bills to help the general public easily understand the new benefits of the healthcare system.

They are:
-House Bill 1004, Explanation of Benefits (Massey/Foster), protects consumers and helps them better understand their insurance coverage by standardizing policy forms and the explanation of benefits.
-House Bill 1138, Colorado Health Services Corps (Gagliardi/Morse), improves existing public and private loan repayment programs for healthcare professionals to practice in rural and underserved communities and will grow the state’s primary care workforce.
-Senate Bill 58, Nurse Education (Tapia/Gagliardi), improves the state’s existing nurse loan forgiveness program by extending its current eligibility requirements. The new program will result in more nurse faculty and ultimately the number of new nurses that can be trained each year.

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