Monday, April 19, 2010

State Plans Meet to Discuss Immediate Effects of Healthcare Reform on Bending the Cost Curve

Obtain Post-Healthcare Reform Strategies to Collectively Bend the Cost Curve….

Join State Medicaid Plans as They Meet to Debate the “New Economy” of Improved Quality Achieve Operational Efficiency through Healthcare IT Implementation
Register Now for The 18th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Congress
YOUR event for the latest in the evolving changes under healthcare reform and
best practices in managed Medicaid healthcare delivery and access.

Obtain Improved Implementation Strategies to Conform with Reform Requirements
Debra Miller, Director of Health Policy, Council of State Governments

John G. Folkemer, Deputy Secretary, Health Care Financing, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, State of Maryland
Dr. Judy Zerzan, State Medical Director, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
Joy Johnson-Wilson, Health Policy Director/Federal Affairs Counsel, National Conference of State Legislatures

Be ready to discuss the “new” economy of eligibility, enrollment and expansion. Learn how the integration of acute long-term care is changing with the implementation of new initiatives to improve health outcomes through a renewed focus on primary and preventative care. Don’t miss the change join state Medicaid leaders as they shed light on how you can:

• Understand expectations for streamlining eligibility in shorter time frames
• Create a contingency plan when money “runs out”
• Become an active industry participant to differentiate your state’s biggest concerns and challenges

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