Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Medicaid Managed Care Congress: Day 2

As Day 2 beings at the Medicaid Managed Care Congress, with a keynote from Senator Tom Daschle.

Senator Tom Daschle kicked off the meeting this morning with a wonderful keynote. He sketched out the Obama administration’s strategy for achieving healthcare reform. He believes that there is a 50-50 shot at significant reform this year and suggested that although health plans are apprehensive about a public plan that this option may serve as a safety net for the numbers of chronically ill not currently covered under traditional Medicare or Medicaid. In addition, he emphasized the continued need for a plan to reform long term care system. Is should focus not only through financial and access issues but also to the pool of primary care providers. As Americans looks to reform the system, policy makers must look to invert the pyramid that exists and move from a sick care based system to a system based on prevention by enriching the pool of quality primary care nurses and physicians to better support a system focused on wellness and prevention.

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