Monday, June 8, 2009

Medicaid Managed Care Congress this week!

This week, the 17th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Congress takes place in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference kicked off this morning.

Some of the highlights of the today's events are:

- A packed room of over 50 Medicaid Managed Care executives attended an intensive primer on Medicaid Managed Care including Jim Frizzera, Principal, Health Management Associates; Cindy Adams, Chief Operating Officer, Superior Healthplan; Pamela Coleman, Director of Health Plan Operations, Texas Health and Human Services Commission; and Vernon Smith, PhD, Health Management Associates.

Some of the highlights included:
-More states need to focus on rewarding quality to improve hedis scores with NCQA.

-Holding all things constant Medicaid growth may level off however growth is expected in the aged and disabled populations. However significant expansion is still expected.

-Others joined in an a health literacy workshop lead by list speakers.

If you're attending the 17th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Congress and would like to share your insights about what's being discussed at the event, post your thoughts in the comments or email!

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