Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What will a public plan for health insurance mean for Medicaid Managed Care

On April 1st millions of children previously uninsured became eligible for CHIP. This leaves just over 40 million additional adults who are currently uninsured. The Administration seems committed to a reform plan which would expand previously existing public program such as Medicaid. There will no doubt be tremendous debate and a contentious political fight regarding how this should be achieved. For 17th years the Medicaid Managed Care Congress has brought together the nation’s leading Medicaid Health Plans and the States at the forefront of Medicaid Managed Care to operationalize best practices that drive measurable cost savings and quality improvements in Medicaid. This year is a year like no other and we have assembled the faculty who can ensure sustainability and success in this changing political landscape.

With budget so tight how can you justify your investment in this year’s Medicaid Managed Care Congress:

The top three issues for Medicaid Plans - reimbursement, reimbursement, and reimbursement – attending MMCC gives you the insights to understand the impact of reform and State budgets on reimbursement rates and Medicaid payments so you can ensure sustainability even if tough economic times.

As the Federal government looks for ways to fund expansions, they will no doubt look to eliminate fraud and abuse within the system, this means increased oversight and auditing at MMCC you will hear the latest strategies to prevent waste, fraud and abuse from the nation’s most esteemed experts in this area.

States have started to deny payment for “never events”, hear from CMS and the states who have eliminated payments including Minnesota, New Jersey and Connecticut on what they expect of managed care plans to ensure provider self-reporting and ensure that your providers have tools in place to identify and trans never events if they occur.

Prevention and value based purchasing are of top priority for this Administration, which means this is where the money will flow and States will be looking to plan who can deliver the most effective combination of performance measures and incentive to achieve quality results at MMCC you’ll hear from the State who have achieved measurable results from implementing these programs.

Over 200 of the Nation’s leading Medicaid Managed Care executives convene once each year to focus on the issues and challenges that pertain specifically to the business of improving quality and outcomes in Medicaid while controlling costs with so much uncertainty, you can’t afford to miss the reliable and practical tools and strategies they will be sharing.

Source: U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services

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Public plan for health insurance must be implemented in order to get security of health. Primary Health Care Services are available for all insured and uninsured persons out there in florida.