Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Summit: A Final Review

For the last few years, the final session at the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Summit (MDRP) has been handled by John Shakow (King and Spalding) who highlights many of the “hot topics” from the various presentations during the conference. This review gives a good overview of the key takeaways and is very helpful if you want to review any of the slides provided by the speakers from this last week. Some of the slides he referenced included:

All of Miree Lee’s Government Pricing Basics, since understanding the basics is critical for manufacturers to be able to understand the impact of anything discussed during the conference.

Elizabeth M. Wicyk-McGovern of Hospira discussed the requirements for manufacturers when it comes to 340B Ceiling Price reporting. One of her slides shows the complicated nature of the PHS/340B program and the way covered entities (CE) can order, such as through a GPO contract, at the 340B price, or for a non-340B outpatient, and how it has to all be tracked by the CE.

Jeremy Docken from Kalderos gave an outstanding presentation regarding duplicate discounts and managed markets. John found it difficult to identify a single slide as the entire presentation showed how there is still significant revenue leakage within the industry when it comes to the PHS/340B Program.

John Gould of Arnold & Porter gave a presentation regarding bundling and one slide especially highlighted the difficulty when durable medical equipment (DME) is involved. Of issue is how do you address GP concerns with a drug and a DME if the DME is free with a purchase, even if it’s required to dispense the product.

When it comes to Mergers & Acquisitions, Sanjida Chowdhury (Fresenius Kabi USA) and Kathleen Peterson (Hogan Lovells) not only gave a number of considerations regarding what to consider but also showed how dangerous it can be to blindly purchasing a company or even a product without doing the full due diligence.

All of the slides from Alice Valder Curran (Hogan Lovells) provided a great review of the current environment surrounding pharmaceutical manufacturers and pricing, including the political nature of what we do.

And John even mentioned his own slide on Puerto Rico and the Medicaid Program, showing how there remains a high level of uncertainty as to how this may impact manufacturers’ contracting strategies and bottom line.

This year’s MDRP was full of information for manufacturers and as always, there’s a lot going on in the government programs, so if you need help or are overwhelmed by all of the information, give me a call. I can help you figure out what is relevant and how to ensure you’ve fully and accurate implemented the Final Rule! Katie Lapins, Government Pricing Specialists, LLC, 303.993.6456,

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