Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Demonstrate the Efficiency of New Technology to Patients

Technology can be very confusing, especially if it isn't something you wouldn't normally interact with. While most medical technology can seem mundane to doctors, it is elaborate, complex and sometimes scary to patients. This isn't because they are techno-phobic; it is often just because they don't understand.

Introducing new technology to individual patients can be very difficult, especially if you aren't sure how to explain the benefits of using it. Use this quick guide to learn more about how to incorporate technology into your practice and make patients more aware of how things can help them. 

Explaining Change

Technology is improving at a rapid rate and it affects everything that we do. The medical field is no exception, with technology revolutionizing the industry even more. With all of the technology in the medical field, it isn't uncommon for patients to have to undergo new procedures or screenings.

If you need to introduce your patient to a new routine, start by explaining the reason for the change. You don't have to go into too many details. For example, if the screening would better help you understand the vitamin levels in a patient, say so. Explain that the new method is more efficient and tell them how it directly benefits them to use the technology. This will make them more apt to agree to use the new test or device.

Keep in mind that most patients won't understand complex medical jargon. For example, if you are trying to tell them the importance of using a vendor neutral archive, you can't just recite a dictionary explanation. You need to explain that the technology stores images and documents so that other machines can quickly access it. 

Show Examples

While you can't always show specific examples of tests, you can show a diagram that does. Even showing a cartoon drawing of a completed test can give the patient a little clarity. The more detailed the example is, the easier it will be to convey your message. People respond to visuals and can gain a lot of insight just by looking at a picture.

If you are trying to prove that a new method is more efficient than an old one, show the patient results. Even if it is your first time using the technology, you should be able to produce results of previous tests or information from the company showing how much it can help. 

Create a Video

Sometimes, new technology becomes widespread very quickly. To keep from having to explain yourself and the reasons for the change over and over again, try making a video to show your patients. During the video, you can:

• Explain how the technology works
• Why you are choosing this method
• How this method benefits the patient
• Go over statistics and proof that the method works
• Show a visual demonstration of the entire process.

The great thing about using video to demonstrate the effectiveness of medical technology is that it can be viewed at any time. You can send the patient home with a copy or ask them to watch it online before their visit. This helps to save you time and improves the efficiency of your office.

Be Personal and Relate to the Patient

Regardless of what method you use to explain how efficient your medical technology is, you need to be able to relate it to the patient. When patients enter a medical office, they want to know what the fastest and most efficient way to get healed is. If you don't clearly convey that the technology is helping the patient, they might not want to use it.

Demonstrating the efficiency of new technology doesn't have to be difficult. 

About the author: Greg Dastrup is a world traveler and professional writer with a passion for learning new languages. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America. You can follow Greg here.

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