Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Summit (MDRP) 2015 Wrap Up!

John Shakow highlighted the “hot topics” from the various presentations that were provided prior to the conference. Some of the slides he referenced included:

From Miree Lee’s Government Pricing Basics, the numerous pharmaceutical price points, including AAC, EAC, UAC, MAC, SMAC, NADAC, AMP, FUL, BP, URA, 340B, ASP, NFAMP, and FCP. 

Alice Leiter (Hogan Lovells) highlighted the critical components of a 340B policy that can be applied to other GP Policies.

Steven Ruscus (Morgan Lewis) presented the only slide about biosimilars and Part B, highlighting how they will be reimbursed which is a special hybrid arrangement. This could define the next generation of reimbursement.

Chris Cobourn (Huron) discussed the recent results/trends of a GP diagnostic survey showing many companies have insufficient resources, inconsistent documentation, and no G/L reconciliations.

Connie Wilkinson & Alan Arville (Epstein Becker) highlighted the recent guidance regarding an the definition of an eligible patient for the 340B program.

Bill Sarraille (Sidley Austin) went over what that he’ll be looking for if/when the Final Rule is released.

Alice Valder Curran (Hogan Lovells) showed how manufacturers should be evaluating the Final Rule by looking at it with the thought, “Potential challenges if the Final Rule says…” Manufacturers should know that litigation is an option, but as John Shakow noted, only if you submitted a comment to the Proposed Rule, or potentially if you are part of an associated such as PhRMA that submitted comments.

David Tawes from the OIG, discussing the future work involving Medicaid drugs and the possibility of attaching an inflation penalty to generic products.

John Shakow’s own slide on the 340B Proposed Rule and the comments from the covered entities that an instance of overcharging should be defined as per unit, not per order.

This year’s MDRP was full of information for manufacturers and as always, there’s a lot going on in the government programs, so if you need help or are overwhelmed by all of the information, give me a call. I can help you figure out what is relevant and how to ensure you’re ready for the Final Rule! Katie Lapins, Government Pricing Specialists, LLC, 303.993.6456,

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