Friday, November 7, 2014

Health Care Insights | Weekly Round Up

Health Care Insights brings you your weekly healthcare round up. Below you will find relevant articles on key industry topics that we thought our readers would benefit from - enjoy.

Top Stories:

A Post-Election Day Certainty: New Scrutiny for the Affordable Care Act
This week’s elections ensure a new round of political attacks on the Affordable Care Act, but they also create potential opportunities to repair provisions of the law that people on both sides of the partisan divide would like to fix.

Big data: Enabling the Future of Healthcare
Everyone’s talking about the importance of big data in healthcare. Yet, as the data piles up – most of it is isolated in different silos, and health systems are struggling to turn big data from a concept into a reality. Here’s how I see it having a substantial impact on the health of populations, today and in the future.

Electronic Medical Records, Built For Efficiency, Often Backfire
Electronic medical records were supposed to usher in the future of medicine. Prescriptions would be beamed to the pharmacy. A doctor could call up patients' medical histories anywhere, anytime. Nurses and doctors could easily find patients' old lab results or last X-rays to see what how they're doing. The computer system could warn doctors about dangerous drug combinations before it was too late.

Steward’s ACO focuses patient engagement efforts on 4 percent of covered lives
According to Girard, there are two fundamental processes in healthcare, information flows and people flows. The ideal, he said, is for both processes to be happening at the right time in the right place.

Coordinated care and patient engagement
The healthcare breakthrough of the 21st century may not come in the form of a miracle drug from the pharmaceutical industry. Rather, it's more likely to emerge from the ways caregivers interact and motivate patients.

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