Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Five Steps to Get Started with Population Health Management

Via Health IT Analytics

Below is a snippet from an article by Health IT Analytics, an FDA/CMS Summit for Payers event supporter. To view the complete article, click here. 

Building a population health management program requires a strong vision and a data-driven strategy for providing high quality, coordinated care.

Population health management encompasses a wide and varied range of activities, including care coordination, chronic disease management, health information exchange, patient risk stratification, clinical analytics, community outreach, and internal quality improvement.  With so many different ways to approach what is basically a large-scale revolution in the way healthcare organizations views their role in patient care, it’s no wonder that many providers find it difficult to know where to begin.  What are some of the ways providers can start to build a population health management program that will produce better patient outcomes without breaking the bank?
  1. 1. Clarifying goals and developing a roadmap
  2. 2. Infrastructure investments and data analytics
  3. 3. Engaging your staff members
  4. 4. Engaging your patients
  5. 5. Ensuring care coordination and follow-up
To learn more about each of the previously mentioned steps so providers can start to build a population health management program to produce better patient outcomes, visit Health IT Analytics where you can view the entire article.

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