Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hear from CMO of BCBSA on Rising Cancer Care Costs

 America's National Institute of Health predicts that spending on all cancer treatment assuming a 5 percent annual increase in these costs raises the projection to $207 billion.

Due to an aging population, increased cancer diagnosis, rising cancer care expenses, and a demanding payer market, new strategies need to be addressed for pharmaceutical companies to maintain, commercialize, and increase oncology access in the marketplace. It is imperative to learn from experts who are able to deliver affordable cancer care, while improving quality and bend the cost curve downward

At IIR’s Annual Summit for Oncology Management taking place July 21-23 in Philadelphia, you will hear from Dr. Trent Haywood, MD, JD SVP Office of Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at BlueCross BlueShield Association, a trend-setter in this space. Dr. Haywood will be discussing the so-called “cancer conundrums”, focusing on the current issues and challenges your industry is facing and shed light on some of the successful strategies that have worked for BCBSA.

Download the brochure to view Dr. Haywood’s sessions and more.

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Dr. Trent Haywood, MD 
 As the BCBSAs’ chief medical officer, Dr. Haywood supports the innovation of Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies in communities around the country as they improve the choices of healthcare quality and patient safety for their members. He is responsible for the Office of Clinical Affairs, which includes the Center for Clinical Effectiveness, Center for Clinical Practices, and the Center for Clinical Value. Collectively, the Office of Clinical Affairs supports opportunities between Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies and stakeholders to improve the choices of affordable, high quality healthcare provided to members.

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