Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Overcome Challenges to Medicaid Drug Rebating Methodology

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 With the AMP Final Rule looming in January, IIR’s MDRP Summit is the place to be for all things Government Pricing. On Tuesday afternoon, the conference offers four dynamic tracks for attendees. Track 1, “Overcome Challenges to Medicaid Drug Rebating Methodology,” is dedicated to some of the current “hot topics” in the GP world, especially with regards to your overall methodology. John Shakow from King and Spalding is speaking on “Government Pricing Policies and Methodologies – The Foundation of Compliance,” that will look at what documentation manufacturers should be maintaining to ensure they are compliant. John will discuss best practices for format, scope, depth, updating, supporting materials and reasonable assumptions documentation.

In this age of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, there are two sessions of note in this track: “Understand Company Needs When Acquiring an Authorized Generic” and “Plan for the Effects of Acquiring or Divesting a Product or Company,” which includes a panel discussion. There are always unanticipated issues that arise when a company undertakes an acquisition and both sessions will address the questions to keep in mind if you’re faced with this situation, including: What calculation methodology should be used if an acquired product has a special set of requirements? How can a manufacturer best handle calculation methodologies that differ across the organization?

And who doesn’t learn from a Case Study? David Buckley from GlaxoSmithKline will share one manufacturer’s experience in using state reported data to help eliminate URA issues/errors, including communication tips for internal and external stakeholders.

Bringing together participants from all across the industry, and providing the opportunity to network with industry experts as well as representatives from over 100 companies, including Huron Consulting Group, IIR’s MDRP Summit is a one stop shop for answering many of your GP questions. It is an exciting time in our industry and participation in the event will no doubt bring ideas to help resolve many GP challenges.

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