Thursday, July 5, 2012

Health Insurance Exchange Update: Thursday, July 5

Virginia State Flag
In today's update, we see many states putting off the exchange. We also see how other professionals such as accountants are directly affected by the law. To see the progress of each state exchange, visit Kaiser's Health Reform Source.

In Maine, there is no strategy to create an exchange before 2014.  The Bangor Daily News believes that the state will ultimately have to rely on the federal exchange.  This opinion piece urges the state law makers to begin looking into an exchange, as they believe a federal exchange would not take into account many of the state-specific healthcare demographics such as small businesses.

Virginia has created a committee Sen. Richard Stuart, R-Stafford, was appointed to Virginia Health Reform Initiative’s advisory council, along with Joe Wilson, a Fredericksburg businessman. According to, they've been working with everyone affected (including insurance companies, businesses, advocacy groups, patients’ rights groups, doctors, hospitals) in the state to develop an action plan for the exchange. They believe they have the bare skeleton to the future exchange.

There will be a new face of the law according to Accounting Web.  CPAs will be put in the center of healthcare reform.  Every income tax the prepare will now have to include the question "Do you have health insurance?"  They will be the ones adding the line item of the tax and will ultimately be put at the center of political discussions, which CPAs have never had to deal with before.

This November, the Health Insurance Exchange Congress will be held November 13-14, 2012 in Chicago, IL.  Here, state officials and health plans with the only opportunity to come together to discuss PPACA and strategize on how to make this a successful opportunity for all.  For more information on this year's agenda, download the program here.  As a reader of this blog, when you register to join us and mention code XP1710BLOG, you'll receive 15% off the standard rate!

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