Monday, July 23, 2012

Health Care Insurance Exchange Update; Monday, July 23, 2012

State Senators and Governors are waiting November 6 to see who will be our president. Those who are beginning or have already set up exchanges for their states are in the minority. But most states are waiting and crossing their fingers to see whether or not President Obama or Mitt Romney will win the election.

Virginia State Flag
According to the Washington Post, Virginia state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II came up with a strategy that is not new but has decided to join the bandwagon in doing his: do nothing. But, Cuccinelli believes that he has found a mistake in the wording of the law. He mentions that the law states that the penalty for those who do not have health care are not imposed if the exchanges are set up by the federal government. Cuccinelli believes that he has found the silver lining to striking down the health care law. This gaffe in wording has been identified by supporters of the bill and said that the state attorney general’s attack on the bill is nothing but wishful thinking. While others who are staunch opponents of the bill are saying this very thing could bring down the bill. 

But there is a rather surprising voice that is urging states to set up their own state-run exchanges.
Michael O. Leavitt, a top aide for Mitt Romney runs a consulting firm in his spare time when called Leavitt Partners who actually advise and help states set up their own exchanges. According to The New York Times, H\he has advised states like Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Mississippi among others despite the fact that the majority of that he is a top aide for a Republican nominee who has said on multiple occasions that the first thing he will do is to repeal the health care law. But he wants states to set up their own exchanges so that that they will not have to rely upon the federal government to use their template. And with this news, there are some questions surrounding the Romney campaign about his stance. However, in a blog post Director of Leavitt Partners Daniel J. Schuyler said that regardless of your opinion of the health care law, exchanges just make sense.

This November, the Health Insurance Exchange Congress will be held November 13-14, 2012 in Chicago, IL.  Here, state officials and health plans with the only opportunity to come together to discuss PPACA and strategize on how to make this a successful opportunity for all.  For more information on this year's agenda, download the program here.  As a reader of this blog, when you register to join us and mention code XP1710BLOG, you'll receive 15% off the standard rate

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