Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Affordable Care Act : Day 2

Today the Supreme court met for the second time this week, regarding the issue of whether the Affordable Care Act is Constitutional. The arguments focused on the issue of regulating commerce. Justice Anthony Kennedy questioned whether this mandate would, “change the relationships status between the Government and U.S. Citizens.”

Many of the statements circling around the same subject matter of if the government can require us to purchase healthcare, what else can they require us to buy? The cost of healthcare was also a concern. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also discussed,” the people who don't participate in this market are making it more expensive for those who do.” The third hearing will resume tomorrow morning, with a 90 minute debate in the morning regarding how effective the law will be and an hour in the afternoon discussing the expansion of Medicaid.

Should Americans be required to purchase health care or face a penalty? Do you believe Congress is out of its jurisdiction? Review today's hearing below and check back here for the latest news from Washington on this matter.

Listen to all hearings from Day 2 here.

Read transcript from Day 2 here.

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