Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Health Insurance Exchange Roundup: September 20

Healthcare Exchanges are the hot topic in today’s healthcare landscape as well as national news. With states mandated to have a plan in place by January 1, 2013, and a functioning system by January 1, 2014, the majority are trying to figure how they will implement this system. Check here every afternoon for the latest opinions and news on the health exchange.

Here's today's news:

Bloomberg Business Week: Arizona groups urge state to create health exchange
Sun Herald: California could pose problem for Obama's health care reform
The Spokesman Review (Idaho): Otter OKs fed grant for insurance exchange
Kansas City Star: States set up insurance exchanges to comply with health care reform

The Health Insurance Exchange Congress is the only place for states and health plans to come together as one and discuss the current challenges and opportunities associated with health insurance Exchanges. For more information about joining us, visit our webpage

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