Thursday, May 19, 2011

Innovation is the way to change US Healthcare

Steve Denning at the ReThink blog recently spoke with Jason Hwang, one of the authors of The Innovators Prescription, a book published in 2008 about how America's healthcare system needs to face disruptive innovation in order for the country to avoid bankruptcy and provide healthcare to all its citizens.  While the Affordable Care Act did result in providing healthcare to more citizens of the US, it failed to change how the delivery system worked.  Without a change in the fundamentals of how Americans access healthcare, the national debt will keep rising and rising while giving out more care without changing how the care is provided.  National healthcare is successfully provided in Norway and Finland, but they have an all encompassing system that has health systems that do not operate under silos, like our current systems with doctors, hospitals, health care clinics, etc.  The true answer for healthcare reform will come from a disruptive innovation that will reduce the cost of the processes in our national system as well as widen the access and improve the quality that American citizens provide.

What type of disruptive innovation do you finally see making a difference in the American healthcare system?  Do you think the government will be responsible or will it be a private organization that will be responsible for correcting America's healthcare system?

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