Thursday, January 7, 2010

Healthcare reform's effect on innovation

Gary Shapiro recently wrote in The Hill about the current debate on the healthcare system, and what effects healthcare reform will have on the US's innovation system. With our current healthcare system, we currently see the most innovation in health through out the world. The US has the most innovative breakthroughs, procedures, and drug treatments are developed, tested and offered here in the United States before anywhere else. The article does point out that these achievements are clouded by the unhealthy lifestyle that many Americans keep. This system was built with innovation in mind, encouraging the best and brightest minds to continue advancements in the healthcare system.

Shaprio suggests several things that can keep our healthcare system innovative while controlling the costs:
-Congress should recognize that innovation comes from specialists
-Health-care policy reform must include malpractice reform
-We should recognize that great cost (and energy) savings will soon come from emerging technologies which allow people to test themselves at home to help doctors monitor their status
-We should do everything we can to encourage the sort of disruptive innovation in the medical field that that has characterized the technology industry

Read the article here. How do you think healthcare reform will affect the innovation and top care of patients in the industry?

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