Thursday, October 15, 2009

Complimentary Webinar Today: Overcoming the Challenges of Government Pricing, Compliance Reporting and Medicaid Rebate Processing

Thursday, October 15
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About the web seminar:
All pharmaceutical product manufacturers who sell to various agencies of the federal government and/or who participate in Medicaid, 340B, Medicare or other public sector reimbursement programs face significant requirements and challenges with respect to their government-mandated pricing calculations and compliance reporting processes. Huge penalties and fines can be levied for miscalculating or incorrectly applying the various government price types to government-contracted sales and/or for compliance reporting mistakes.

The Seminar will address the complexities and challenges associated with automating Government Pricing and Medicaid Rebate system(s) as well as the pros and cons of using a packaged-software approach versus a custom-development approach. An overview of a leading-edge enterprise solution, developed as a fully-integrated component of the SAP® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, will be presented, accompanied by a live software demonstration and followed by a Question & Answer discussion of the issues.

What you will learn:
• An appreciation of the historical and legal background and context for the government-mandated price calculations and compliance reporting requirements;
• An understanding of the various price types that must be calculated, used in sales transaction processing and reported under each corresponding government program;
• Why automating and managing these processes using a packaged solution, based upon a fully-integrated enterprise architecture, is the lowest risk and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach;

About the speaker:

Sanjay Shah, C.P.A., is the President/CEO and Chief Solution Architect of Vistex, Inc., a global SAP Software Solution Partner.

Prior to founding Vistex, Mr. Shah spent several years as a Platinum Consultant in SAP America’s Professional Services Organization and in SAP AG’s Product Development Organization. That experience provided him with a comprehensive and unique understanding of the functionality gaps in SAP’s “core” offering as well as SAP’s product development strategy. Mr. Shah also worked in finance/accounting management at a major global manufacturing company.

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