Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The current state of healthcare reform -- Are you ready?

Are you ready for the Healthcare reform?

If a bipartisan agreement is not reached by October 15th, a republican filibuster is not possible and healthcare reform is a done deal with 50 votes in the Senate. With the democrats holding 58 seats, it is irrational to think some level of reform will not happen this year. While it is difficult to predict what the final bill will look like, every reform proposal currently under consideration mandates individual coverage and ends barriers to coverage for people with preexisting medical conditions. If no other policy reforms are included in the final bill, the ramifications for the health insurance business are still tremendous.

How will Health Plans survive this direct hit on their current business model?

Through the vital restructuring of the healthcare delivery models they currently employ and the Next Generation Healthcare Delivery event, scheduled for October 26-27 in Washington, DC. This is your best opportunity to convene with other health plan leaders from across the nation to evaluate and integrate innovative healthcare delivery models to ensure sustainability and profitability in the years to come.

How will Health Plans expand coverage to previously uninsurable populations and maintain profitability?

Traditional medical management has been maxed out, if health plans want to survive, it is essential that they act now to incorporate value-based benefit design and outcomes driven provider structures that ensure that health and wellness are managed effectively and efficiently. At the Next Generation Healthcare Delivery join your industry colleagues at this critical crossroads and reshape your current provider model by taking simple steps to obtain measurable improvements in clinical outcomes.

• Utilize Shared-decision making and let patient choice lead to the use of less costly healthcare delivery options
• Incorporate Medical Home Models to support a better organization of care and gain ideas to make it more effective
• Implement value-based tools to manage risk and help members make better choices
• Leverage ways that e-visits can increase access to specialty care while maintaining lower cost structures
• Develop a value-based integrated health care delivery system for the future

The moment is now. Register for Next Generation Healthcare Delivery and evolve your business into a true partner in care delivery and improved health outcomes!

Healthplans must integrate these delivery models by redesigning their benefits and reimbursement structures. The Next Generation Healthcare Delivery event provides you with the tools you need to implement and integrate new delivery models into your program benefit design for better health outcomes, higher member satisfaction, and a greater competitive advantage.

Through pilot programs, case studies, panels and roundtable discussions, our expert speaking faculty shares best practices and RESULTS on new delivery models and how they can improve healthcare quality while maximizing ROI.

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