Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saving trillions in health care, one patient at a time

According to Public Radio International and WNYC, "The debate on healthcare reform proceeds in Washington will make news over the next several months, if the process results in actual healthcare reform. The beginning of the conversation involved a coalition of industry, private sector, and federal players coming together for a voluntary series of cost-cutting moves that involve creating incentives for people and the healthcare industry to do better to control costs."

To listen to their entire coverage on this story, please click the link below to hear the report.

Listen to PRI and WNYC's on-air discussion

What steps are needed, the small steps, to get the big issue of healthcare reform solidified by the Obama administration?

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Ilya M. Rachman, M.D., Ph.D. said...

As a practicing primary care physician i can only tell you that the entire "debate" regarding healthcare resembles giant farce. The entire system rests on perverse incentives for EVERY single player - insurance companies, employers, providers (hospitals, doctors, labs, etc).
I'm just curious if it's simply more convenient for everyone involved to continue to pretend that there is this insolvable giant problem and we have to take our time devising these convoluted and (no doubt) self-serving solutions.