Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rising Drug Costs

Welcome to this FDA/CMS Summit for Payers podcast.

Below is a teaser from our podcast with Bill Winkenwerder, Former CEO, Highmark Inc.

How should manufacturers determine drug prices and what consideration should there be?

Bill: Well, certainly manufacturers need to recover their costs – their investment in R&D – and it’s important that they make a profit. Nobody can be in business for any period of time without being able to make a profit. Now, more recently – especially with respect to certain manufacturers that have brought very expensive medications to the market – have been criticized and have been identified as charging too much. That’s the common perception, but I see the immediate evidence that the prices for these medications – given the relatively small population of people that would benefit from them – that there is a serious over-charging that’s going on. But, certainly we need to sit down and talk and determine if there is a better way to arrive at the price. What is a fair price? What is a good, market-based price? That’s what this Conference is about.

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Bill will be joining us at the FDA/CMS Summit for Payers in Washington D.C. for his closing keynote address "An Industry Perspective: Payment Policy for Clinically Valuable But Very Expensive Pharmaceuticals" on Friday December 12th.

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