Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day is here!

After months of covering the health insurance exchange, election day is here! The campaign trail comes to an end tonight, and by this time tomorrow we will know the next President of the United States. Some healthcare experts are saying that this may be the most important election since the 1960s. It was a long road, with a lot of information, but we have you covered. Below is a recap on what this year’s election means for healthcare.

For the past few months many states have been finalizing the final details of their health insurance exchange. However, some chose to 'wait and see' how the election turned out and for those states tomorrow will answer whether they will finally set up their own health insurance exchange. The lines may be long, but remember every vote counts, so be sure to take some time and head to the polls! Not sure where to vote? Type in your address here to be directed to the closest polling place.

No matter what the outcome of the election is, the Health Insurance Exchange Congress will answer all your needs for the health insurance exchange in your state.  Join us next week in Chicago, and as a reader of this blog, register and mention code XP1710BLOG and save 15% off the standard rate!

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