Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Mine Big Data for Business Advantage

Today's guest post is authored by MDRP speaker Rob Patterson of Revitas.

Most companies using any business software application are working with years’ worth of historical data – and as weeks, months, and years pass this data accumulation shows no signs of stopping. Rapid data growth can lead to significant challenges for day-to-day users of the applications the IT departments that manage underlying systems and technology. All of that data can result in slower application performance, irrelevant search results, concerns about information security, and increasing technology and operational costs.

Companies that work with an excess of data need an automated solution and a strategy to manage long-term data growth effectively. In addition, leverage analytics and reporting to find value in that heap of data.

During the upcoming 17th Annual Summit on the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP) in Chicago Revitas will address the universal challenge of handling and finding value in contract and pricing data growth. David Gelhar, Director of Solution Engineering at Revitas, will offer strategies in a session titled, “Best Practices for Handling Data Growth” on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 3:45 p.m.

Revitas will also offer insights during an MDRP session titled “Alternative RPU Calc if You Have 5i Drug.” CMS relies on the FDA route of administration codes to identify whether a drug is in the 5i category. Revitas’s Mike Panicaro will discuss considerations in the proposed rule, the debate on whether the retail dispensation is purely quantitative or also qualitative, the possibility of “brown bagging” types of distribution, and base AMP implications. Sound like something of interest? Mark your calendars for the 11:15 a.m. presentation on Sept. 10.  For more information on these sessions, download the agenda here.  If you'd like to join me in Chicago next week at MDRP, register today and mention code XP1716BLOG and save 25% off the standard rate.

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