Monday, December 19, 2011

The Medicare Congress Keynote Spotlight: Crisis Into Opportunity: Keeping your Business Going (and Growing) While Sanctioned

While it is obviously business-crucial to avoid CMS sanctions, it is just as crucial to make sure the entire team at your healthplan, from the highest levels, know how to face this emergency and keep it from dealing permanent damage to your company and brand. In this week's The Medicare Congress Session Spotlight, we spotlight the session from Robert Fahlman, Chairman & CEO, Arcadian Health Plan who will examine this topic.  For more information on The Medicare Congress, taking place February 6-8, 2012; in Orlando, Florida, download the brochure now.  If you register and mention code XP1707Blog, you will receive a discount of 25% off the standard rate!

Featured Session: Crisis Into Opportunity: Keeping your Business Going (and Growing) While Sanctioned

Featured Speaker: Robert Fahlman, Chairman & CEO, Arcadian Health Plan

About the session: 
In July, Arcadian Health came out of an 8-month-long CMS-issued sanction. Learn the key methods they used to emerge from the sanction period without any contingencies while meeting (or exceeding) CMS expectations. Toward the end of the sanction period, Arcadian was also involved in an orderly process to evaluate options with a number of interested parties including a merger with a much larger health plan. Strategies from the top helped the organization work closely with CMS, and develop and execute a sanction remediation plan that meet expectations of benefi ciaries,members, and regulators – all without derailing the negotiation process during a major transaction! Take-away messages will be of tremendous value to corporate leaders responsible for crisis management.
  • • Identify strategies to manage negatives
  • • Correct non-compliant aspects of your plan
  • • Implement necessary changes as quickly as possible
  • • Sharing vital knowledge with prospective partners,shareholders, and regulators

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