Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The failure of the congressional super committee

One of the biggest stories in Washington is the failure of the Congressional “super committee” to agree on a unified plan to cut spending levels and shrink the deficit. This super committee was convened in the first place due to this past summer’s dispute over raising the ceiling on the national debt, of which Medicare expenditure is a major component. The failure of the super committee will now result in the triggering of automatic cuts to Medicare and other services, to take effect in early 2013. This will make Medicare compliance, reporting, and coverage issues even more prominent players in the 2012 presidential and Congressional elections than ever before.

What changes will these triggers have on your business model?

What is the likelihood that Congress will alter or even repeal the automatic Medicare cuts before they go into effect?

And what—if anything—can you do about it?

The 9th year of our Medicare Congress is going to be the most topical and pertinent one yet from a policy perspective. Don’t miss these time-critical sessions:
  • - “2012 Election Outlook: Examine Today’s Headlines to Find the Real Signals and Implications for ACA”
  • Presented by: Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard, and Commentator, Fox News 
  • - “Politics as Usual: Debate the 2012 Election’s Impact on Healthcare, Medicare, and ACA”
  • Presented by: -Murray Ross, PhD, Vice President, Kaiser Foundations Health Plan Inc., and Director, Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy -Joseph Antos, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute 
  • - “What Does It All Mean for Main Street?”
  • Presented by: John Gorman, CEO, Gorman Health Group
  • - “Annual Wall Street Report: Economic Outlook for Medicare Advantage Health Plans”
  • Presented by: -Court Houseworth, Managing Director, Cain Brothers -Chris Rigg, Senior Managed Care Analyst, Susquehanna Research Group
  • - “Health Rebooted: How Taking Technology All the Way will Solve Both the Cost and Quality Problems”
  • Presented by:-Charles Mackay, CPHQ, Health Insurance Specialist, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
The Medicare Congress is taking place February 6-8, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.  For more information on these sessions and the rest of the program, download the brochure here. As a reader of the Healthcare: From Policy to Practice blog, don't forget to use code XP1707BLOG for a discount of 25% off the standard rate.

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