Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texas Governor examining Healthcare Exchange

Governor Rick Perry of Texas is anti-Obamacare. This, however, won't stop his state from having to comply with the Health Insurance Exchange that has to be set up by 2014. While Gov. Perry and a few other Republican Governors are openly opposing healthcare reform (including the governors from Mississippi, Indiana and Wisconsin) they have begun to take the steps to create a Healthcare Exchange in their states. According to the New York Times, Perry believes that a state health insurance exchange is too broad for a state as large and diverse as Texas. He'd like to leave the decisions of healthcare up to local governments so policies can be catered to the local demographics and not just a generic "One Size Fits All" exchange.

At the Healthcare Insurance Exchange, taking place November 9-11, 2011, in Baltimore, Maryland, professionals in this space will come together for the panel debate Room for Debate: Understand the Political Undertone of Exchanges and the ACA where you can hear health plans and state and federal government officials debate as to whether or not this is legal.

Whether or not a state wants an exchange, all states need to comply with federal rulings. Do you think the quality of a state exchange will suffer if a state is “anti-Obamacare”?

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